Is it cheaper to replace the glass in a window or change the entire window?

  Replacement window glass or to change the entire window? Sometimes a window may get been cracked or broken via a flying object such as a ball or a stone. Or you may have noticed a draught getting through your window keeping the house cold and breezy. We receive many phone calls asking whether they should replace the glass or the entire window itself. Temporary Glass Solution vs Long-Term Resolution Deciding on  glass replacement  or replacing the entire double glazing can be a tricky choice. The first thing you need to think about is your financial position ‘can you actually afford to change your complete window or not’! Secondly do you actually need to replace the whole window. Replacing the glass instead of the window may have many benefits. If the window frame and beading are intact, then replacing just the glass will save you lots of money. If you are changing your old glass for A-rated glass units then you will see a significant result in heat retention within your room. This wi

Can you repair double glazed windows?

  When fitted correctly double glazing can be extremely valuable to any home. Though, when it is not working how it should do, then it can become a more of a nuisance. However, the good news is that we offer   window repairs in Peterborough , correcting many faults that could save you a fortune compared to replacement double glazing. Throughout this blog we will discuss some of the most common double glazing faults and how to rectify them Misted double glazing If the uPVC window seal breaks then moisture and air will get in between the two panes of glass resulting in  foggy glass . When moisture makes it way between these panes of glass, then the original gas will make its way out of the sealed unit. When this happens then the window has an inability to trap heat between the two panes of glass. If the sealed unit is compromised resealing the sealed unit yourself is near enough impossible. The gas has already leaked out and moisture is already within the window. However, replacing this

How to tell if your Double Glazing has failed?

  As a   double-glazing repairs   expert, we are often asked question in regards to failed double glazing. To help you understand whether or not it has failed, it is very important for you to understand what double glazing actually is. Double glazing comprises of two panes of glass put together with a thermally efficient spacer bar between them. The thickness of modern double-glazed unit is around 28mm thickness. This unit is sealed together by using a hot liquify adhesive. This double glazing unit is now sealed which means that all of the air is now trapped between the two panes of glass. If the double glazing is A-rated, then gas is applied and trapped between the two panes of glass instead. Now that the gas or air is trapped within the glazing unit, this acts as an insulated barrier. Therefore, preventing heat from escaping via the window whilst preventing cold air entering a home via the window. When gas is installed to glazing, this is much more energy efficient which allows the g

Coloured Double glazed window frames

Coloured double   glazed windows   and   doors   are become increasingly popular. Many homeowners are now moving away from the traditional white windows and now opting for a more of an individualised colour instead. Previously homeowners would be focused on   energy efficient double glazing . Subsequently, these windows would be energy efficient, environmental friendly, not forgetting aesthetically pleasing to say the least. As double glazing colour trends continue to rise, this helps to bring down window colour prices. Double glazing manufacturers are definitely responding to this demand. Each year there are more double glazing colour options available. There is even an options for customised (bespoke) your own colour. Different patterned glass styles have also become popular. Patterned glass is often used as an obscured glass for rooms such as bathrooms and entrance door side panels. Many homeowner who require a glass back door for instance will opt for a patterned glass style. We ar

Will Grey Double Glazing go out of fashion

Are you considering replacing your white   double glazed windows   for a more of a modern grey double glazing? However, you may be wondering whether or not grey uPVC windows will go out of fashion in the next few years. The answer to this question is definitely a NO! Anthracite grey double glazing has been a fashion statement for the last three to five years. With the increase demand for anthracite grey window frames, we think it’s highly unlikely that anthracite grey will fall out of favour! So why choose Anthracite windows? So why are so many households opting for anthracite grey windows? The fact is that grey is a neutral colour which makes it an easy colour to blend in any existing décor. Anthracite grey double glazing is extremely popular as it is definitely a unique shade. Grey windows expresses richness and warming appeal. Most Peterborough customers find grey windows stimulating especially as a backdrop is garden photos. A modern look for any age property Are you are looking fo

What to look out for when buying a composite door!

  Buying a composite door By choosing the right composite door will not only keep your home safe and secure but will improve the overall kerb-appeal as well. This guide will provide you with some useful tips on what you need to keep your eye open for when buying a composite. Door Considerations When choosing a new composite front door for your home it is extremely important to consider the style of your property. You must also consider the neighborhood that you live in. There is no point ordering a new composite just because you like the look of it, if it does not suit your home. Maybe you live in the country and are looking for a cottage style door. Or a more of a traditional style when living in a more of a heritage style property. Or if your home is a modern style property then it would make more sense to choose a modern type composite door. You will also need to consider why you are actually looking for a new front door. Are you looking to increase your home security? Or perhaps en

What are trickle vents in double glazing?

  Over the last couple of decades there has been a huge progression when it comes to   double glazing . In addition modern windows are now extremely energy efficient and if installed correctly.  To ensure a window is weatherproof, firstly it must be sealed with silicone around the frame. Correctly fitted windows will make a making a room air-tight. This  prevents unwanted moisture leaving a home. In contrast it is essential that a property is well ventilated to prevent these problems. Above all this is why trickle vents are now installed within double glazed windows. Trickle vents can be manufactured within double glazing. They can even be installed for instance within uPVC doors such as  uPVC back door ,  French doors ,  patio doors  or even  bi-folding doors . The benefits  of trickle vents is to allow air flow through a small controlled vent to allow a circulation of fresh air within a room. By having trickle vents installed within your double glazing will sanction this circulation